PEM Survey – 60% aware of Erotic Fantasies before age 10!

Intriguing Initial Results of the Personal Erotic Myth Survey are in…see report link below .

The PEM Survey has passed 175 participants so far in this soft launch phase!

Though the PEM is not holding to the strict standards of a scientifically valid study, the results are still quite intriguing.

For instance to the question, “At what age did you become aware of having erotic fantasies? 35% chose between age 4-7 and 25% between 8-10.

That is, 60% of respondents were aware of their erotic fantasies or sexual desires, by10 years old. About 40% had begun masturbating to their fantasies by age 10.

50% + stated they view porn and masturbate weekly, or more.

When asked how viewing porn and masturbating affected sexual relations with partners 64% said no difference, 23% said watching porn increased desire for their partner.

Here is the link to view the initial report that compiles the data from the 40 plus questions on the survey.

There are also, not surprisingly, high percentages of shame and fear associated with one’s sexual desires. A number of participants spoke to this directly, and at times poignantly, in their personal comments. Fear and shame around one’s authentic sexual desire is an unfortunate burden still for many of us.

You can view the report from a variety of parameters such as male versus female, and other criteria.

Many people have contributed valuable constructive suggestions and improvements to the survey since I first published it. I am so grateful to have this support for the project, and be able to make these improvements before we move to a full launch.

Not all have viewed the PEM Survey so kindly.

Since I first stepped into my own authentic sexuality 15 years ago, fully out and public, I have always been a lightning rod for attacks and slander of all kinds about my sexual preferences, and me personally. These have come at every stage along my path, from the vanilla, fetish, and sacred/tantric sexuality, mainstream psychologists crowds, and more. I have been condemned from all angles – LOL!

The PEM Survey experience has been not been any different. Except that the ratio of very positive, supportive, appreciative responses, has run far ahead of the negative. I am grateful for that. It is a good salve for the other!

Objections ran along the lines of …this is SPAM, you’re a joke, this is disturbing, who the fuck are you prying into personal lives, this is not scientific, a real researcher would, what a waste of time, this isn’t research, you’re just hustling for clients…and that’s the short list!

A number or people were scandalized that I was inquiring about people’s sexuality before puberty. It was considered creepy and inappropriate. While I understand the concern, I am also interested in what is true about our sexual development and expression, regardless of age…so I will go with that.

Others’ judgments or accusations or projections onto me, does not deter me one bit, from continuing to support and speak out publicly for everyone’s right to be exactly who they as a sexual being, and to heal from the violations, shame, fear and harsh judgments they may have suffered along the way!

If you would like to take the survey go here Personal Erotic Myth Survey

Also, please note that this survey is for preliminary assessment of the occurrence of PEM’s. It is not intended to be, nor would it be considered a scientific clinical study, resulting in any proven conclusions, meant for peer or other review. The results here will hopefully provide the basis to initiate scientifically based research, down the path.

If you have groups or networks that might find taking this survey interesting and valuable, please share freely, using the share options below or paste this link into an email or wherever you would like to post it.

Personal Erotic Myth Survey link –


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