The Body Mirrors the Soul

You are either what YOU consciously embody, or what unconsciously embodies you. The body is the analog of the unconscious! Most of us have innocently lost a conscious appreciation of a fundamental part of our human experience….our bodies. In other words, we are barely aware that we live in a body exquisitely sensitive, communicative, mobile, graceful, erotic, emotionally expressive and alive from head to toe. Its language reflects important information about our emotional and spiritual state. The body is often under severe stress and tension, mirroring the inner stresses and tensions we experience consciously and unconsciously. In our rationally based culture, we live to great extent from the neck up. Our heads are often in a whirl of thoughts, fears, judgments, stories, fantasies, shame, anger, sadness. We forget to breathe and be still, to feel, to move…to be present. There are times we may unconsciously disconnect from the body altogether to avoid feeling a painful experience we may be undergoing emotionally. In already stressful times, additional tensions are created in the body and psyche by our cultural imperative to soldier on, in a stoic manner, [...]

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