How to Welcome Your Male Sex Creature

5 keys to being a sexually authentic, conscious and empowered man. --- Being sexually authentic is your birthright. Sharing your deepest sexual truths with a trusted partner is one of the most loving, liberating, intimate and ecstatic of human experiences. Many men hide authentic aspects of their sexual desire…for good reason! Our sex-negative culture, family, religions and even our relationships often deny men a safe, welcoming place to honor and discuss the full spectrum of their sexual desires. They seldom honor, bless and respect any but the narrowest view of acceptable sexual practice or frequency. In fact, the tangible fear of being shamed, harshly judged, or of losing partners, family or friends can leave many men secretive or shadowy about their true sexual desire. Some men are so deep in shame and guilt they can’t get past the fear of speaking openly about their desires to those closest to them. Some men can become consumed by fantasy, masturbation or porn rather than risk openly expressing what’s true to their partners…or even to themselves. Many men were emotionally wounded (shamed or terrorized) as boys around their [...]

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