Myth, Archetype, & Symbols of D/s Relationships & BDSM Sexuality

Understanding the compelling psychological undercurrents of our most taboo sexual desires and relationship structures. Our deepest erotic fantasies are shaped from the interplay of inner mythic stories, archetypes and symbols within our sexual psyches, activated during sexual engagement. Bringing these initially subtle inner elements into conscious awareness can open us to more fully experience explosive erotic intensity, access our deepest emotions, and ultimately strengthen intimacy and trust between partners. In a committed relationship, or even for a one-time negotiated scene with a play-partner, exploring our most taboo desires in a conscious manner offers the opportunity for both empowerment and healing. The challenge can be to notice these deeper, more vivid dimensions of our fantasies, often shrouded in shame, fear or trauma, and welcome them into our sexual expressions and relationships. To help in this regard, there are certain tools and techniques you can use, that can support you in discovering and inviting in what is personally sacred, authentic and meaningful to your sexual expression. Learning to use or create your own tools, sometimes called ritual practices, can open internal psychological pathways to deepen the physical, [...]

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