Fifty Shades 2.0 – Time to Upgrade Your Kink Sexuality Knowledge Base

4 critical guidelines to follow before you explore erotic dominance and submission.   Before the movie Fifty Shades of Grey unleashes another tsunami of sexual curiosity and exploration across the globe, I want to talk about how to consensually, potently and consciously release your and your partner’s Sexy Beasts via Erotic Dominance and Submission.   Fifty Shades of Grey has over 100 million in worldwide book sales and a hyper-anticipated movie coming this week. What this indicates is that Kink oriented sex is not only on the map, there is a global explosion of interest arising in all manner of alternative sexual expression.    I have not read the books, but it seems the general consensus from anyone experienced in conscious engagement of real time Dominance/submission and BDSM ( bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism) is that the depictions of D/s-BDSM in the relationship context (D/s) and the taboo sexual context (BDSM) are generally unsafe, abusive, non-consensual, immature and unconscious interactions between the partners.   Whatever you feel the truth about the books might be, the point here is to emphasize how critically important it is to [...]

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