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“Visionary…Masterful…Groundbreaking…Cutting Edge…Worth its Weight in Diamonds … Highly Recommended…Compelling…Written from the Heart…A Must Read” 

Decoding Your Kink – Guide to Explore Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires 

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Above are some of the early exclamations from sex positive psychologists, therapists and Kink sex educators who reviewed Decoding Your Kink. I am excited and honored my peers and colleauges have given the book such generous accolades, and am encouraged to let more people know about the book. 

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Decoding Your Kink, by leading Fetish Sex educator, researcher and sex-positive therapist Galen Fous MTP, offers ground-breaking psychological insight into the emerging global renaissance of sexual exploration, orientation and identity particularly in the realm of Kink.

The book includes extensive guidelines to embrace one’s authentic sexuality, decode an array of Kink fantasies, and access the ecstatic sexual depths inherent in anyone’s wildest sexual desires. Techniques are offered to negotiate honestly for what one desires, create profound trust between partners, and begin to resolve old shame, trauma and fear about one’s authentic sexuality.

Decoding Your Kink provides easy to follow practices for individuals and partners to safely share their deepest intimacies. Once trust is built, partners may access mind shattering orgasmic states offered by conscious expression of their most taboo Kinky yearnings.

Also included in the book are revealing and provocative analysis of people’s kinkiest fantasies gleaned from over 2000 participants in the innovative Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth SurveyFous developed this anonymous 40-question survey in support of his research into the nature of a recently visible sexual identity he defines as Fetishsexuality, aka Kink.

“This book conveys what I have learned about Conscious Kink and D/s-BDSM sexuality over the last 15 years as a Fetish-positive therapist, researcher and public advocate for sex-positive values. It includes reporting and case studies from the 100’s of singles and couples I’ve supported who desired to come to terms with old experiences of shame, fear and trauma, and understand how to embody their edgiest sexual fantasies. I share hard earned insights from my personal journey into the Kink lifestyle as well.” Galen Fous MTP 

Here are what some of Galen’s peers and colleagues have to say about Decoding Your Kink…

“Galen Fous is a visionary, providing a clear and courageous roadmap for anyone looking to undo the shackles of societally induced sexual shame and go on a journey to discover his or her own Personal Erotic Myth.” – Dr. Michael Aaron, NYC sex therapist in private practice.

 “Galen Fous smooths the path and leads you through the predicaments, pleasures, enticements and outrageous glories of Kink. His genuine, unique voice is outstanding and heartwarming. A must read!” Limor Blockman, PhD, Clinical Sex Therapist, Playboy Radio Host,

 “Nobody struggles more with the feeling that their erotic desires are ‘wrong’ or ‘broken’ than the man or woman who otherwise fits easily into mainstream culture – the heterosexual man and woman into dominance and submission and BDSM.  ‘Decoding Your Kink’ is worth its weight in diamonds to such strugglers, offering them a sensible and nurturing path to self-knowledge, self-acceptance and the erotic intensity we all crave and too few ever obtain.” – Janet W. Hardy, coauthor, The Ethical Slut, The New Bottoming Book and more

“Galen Fous’ unique insights on a subject much maligned and misunderstood is a primer for individuals interested in exploring the world of kink. It provides guidelines, case studies and personal experiences to assist the reader in shedding their shame and discovering their authentic sexuality.” – Susana Mayer, Ph.D., Clinical Sexologist,

“Galen Fous offers a deeply philosophical and spiritual dimension to the phenomenological experience of being kinky…his wisdom is a resource for many who fear, suppress and hide their sexuality due to shame.” David J. Ley PhD. Clinical Psychologist, Author of The Myth of Sex Addiction

“Shame reduction and self-honesty is at the core of personal liberation, and this is nowhere more true than in sexuality. In this unique and cutting edge book, Galen Fous helps the reader find more clarity about the nature of their hidden sexual truths, and ways to consciously explore their sexual psychology.” Gwenn Cody LCSW

“At the heart of Decoding Your Kink, there stirs an unshakable drive to empower its readers to embrace their authentic selves with honesty and empowered compassion. Fous delivers a compelling thesis that being sexually aware, genuine, honest, and consensual are the greatest gifts we can give unto ourselves and others.” Matt Dobbs, Managing Director Alternative Therapists Directory

 “Galen Fous is a pioneer in shameless erotic experience. He makes it safe for anyone who desires to unburden and unleash their sexual energy into a world of untamed exploration. He is serious about his dedication to people’s transformation and so is this book. If you want to discover and then play by your own rules, this book is for you.” Laurie Handlers, MA, Sex and Happiness Coach, Author, Talk Show Host and Filmmaker

 “In this masterful book, Galen Fous lays out a clear roadmap to unlock your kinky erotic spirit.  Concise, beautifully written, techniques and practices to become more present, embodied, and mindful in your relationships, Decoding Your Kink, is an essential guide to those both questioning and well-entrenched in the kink world.  Highly recommended.” Jaeleen Bennis, Creator & Founder of Bondassage®, co-author of “Bondassage: Kinky Erotic Massage Tips For Lovers”,

“Decoding your Kink by Galen Fous is a groundbreaking book for all to fully explore and find acceptance and wholeness within their own sexuality.  In today’s world understanding and integrating our sexuality provides a framework for us all to build deep intimate relationships with ourselves and lovers. Galen’s research supports that no matter who we are, we all have our kinks and they are “normal”. Highly recommended reading for those who desire to explore deeply…  Kirsteen A Farley, Somatic Sexologist & Sex Educator

“Galen Fous is a ground-breaking pioneer whose work in sexuality sets free the human spirit from the miasma of fear and shame cloaking our authentic and full expression as sexual beings in this world. His book Decoding Your Kink: Guide to Explore, Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires helps you examine, understand, and respect what you value as your true sexual nature, keeping you mindful that your values should be your own.” Jacsman, Sex Life Educator –

“Decoding Your Kink is a book written from the heart and one which should be of great help to many people. It encourages a more honest discussion of sexual desire that could help to blow away old and unhelpful prejudices and avoid pejorative labels about Kink oriented sexuality.” Professor Frederick Toates, Open University, England, author of ‘How Sexual Desire Works: The Enigmatic Urge’

“Galen Fous is one of the true heroes of the sex and pleasure-positive movement. He is fearless and groundbreaking in his endorsement of the taboo pleasures that society is only now learning to lightly tread. If you would like to live the full erotic life that is your birthright, get this book NOW, study it, and implement his suggestions!” – Ryan Orrock

“Galen Fous has laid the groundwork for an open and disarmingly candid exploration into the mysteries, myths, taboos, and puzzlements surrounding the kinky side of human sexuality and, in so doing, brings an unprecedented level of clarity, insight, and care to what has been (and remains to be) the source of so much unnecessary shame for so many silent sufferers. This book is highly recommended to anyone whose sex life underwhelms, as well as to any service providers who want to help their clients without unwittingly perpetuating the sexual shibboleths of a bygone era.” ~Dr. Dan Gaylinn, transpersonal psychologist, therapist, and consultant

“Galen Fous welcomes us into a world that is home for far more people than some people believe or would like to believe. His approach is personal, compassionate and kind and offers a clear pathway to unlock the chains and untie the ropes with only a little bit of pain. Unless you’re into that!”  Jeffrey Sumber, best-selling author of Renew Your Wows: Seven Powerful Tools to Ignite the Spark and Transform Your Relationship

“If you are struggling to understand your sexuality in a deeper way, this book is for you. So many people struggle with their fantasy and desires – often dripping with shame from sex-negative childhood programming. This is a great book for anyone seeking a journey deeper into their soul through a sexual lens.” Craig Perra, Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Yogi




To check out the Amazon page or recommend to a friend here is the Amazon link.



To check out the Amazon page or recommend to a friend here is the Amazon link.


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