What if it isn’t Sex/Porn Addiction, but Sexual Authenticity Disorder (SAD)?

    Date: May 31, 6:30 pm Pacific time Use this link for FREE registration http://app.webinarjam.net/register/10787/775a9b171d Are you struggling with Sex/Porn addiction, or is it Sexual Authenticity Disorder (SAD)? Galen Fous MTP coined the term SAD to define the deep-seated fear his clients expressed of revealing or others discovering the hidden, and often compulsive aspects of their sexuality. SAD is most often the result of growing up in a restrictive, shaming, sex-negative family, religion and/or social culture. The individual afflicted with SAD was never allowed honest discussion nor encouragement about their personally natural sexual desires. This webinar invites you to open your eyes to a new way of viewing your sexuality, and addressing the compulsive issues you may be dealing with. You will learn specific practices you can follow to shift from compulsivity to authenticity. This webinar can also be valuable to therapists and counselors looking to support their clients through the complexities of their sexual desire and its honest expression. Having worked with thousands of men, women and couples dealing with concerns about their sexual desires, Craig and I want to affirm that you [...]

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Sex in the Dark

 As a culture, we tend to keep our true sexual nature hidden, out of the light. But Eros is a fierce resilient creature.  Even without light, it can grow ferociously in the dark. As a result our hidden Erotic yearnings are often acted out in shadowy, secretive, unhealthy, harmful ways. This secrecy just drives our personal sexual desire further into shame  and fear, rather than being looked at and understood, if not welcomed and enjoyed. The lifelong fear of our sexuality coats and rigidifies the body as well as our emotions  and psyches.  It constricts and inhibits the instinctive physical,  vocal and emotional gestures of our desire. Our movements into our authentic Erotic expression can be awkward and clumsy. Our Erotic voice clenches in our throat. We can’t meet the gaze of our partner. In the most extreme edges of Erotic fear, we can’t get hard or wet.  Do all you can to raise your sexuality into the light!       Excerpt from the Highly acclaimed Decoding Your Kink - Guide to Explore Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires. "Visionary...Masterful...Groundbreaking...Cutting Edge...Worth its Weight in Diamonds ... Highly Recommended...A [...]

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