What if it isn’t Sex/Porn Addiction, but Sexual Authenticity Disorder (SAD)?




Date: May 31, 6:30 pm Pacific time

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Are you struggling with Sex/Porn addiction, or is it Sexual Authenticity Disorder (SAD)?

Galen Fous MTP coined the term SAD to define the deep-seated fear his clients expressed of revealing or others discovering the hidden, and often compulsive aspects of their sexuality. SAD is most often the result of growing up in a restrictive, shaming, sex-negative family, religion and/or social culture. The individual afflicted with SAD was never allowed honest discussion nor encouragement about their personally natural sexual desires.

This webinar invites you to open your eyes to a new way of viewing your sexuality, and addressing the compulsive issues you may be dealing with. You will learn specific practices you can follow to shift from compulsivity to authenticity.

This webinar can also be valuable to therapists and counselors looking to support their clients through the complexities of their sexual desire and its honest expression.

Having worked with thousands of men, women and couples dealing with concerns about their sexual desires, Craig and I want to affirm that you absolutely have the right to be exactly who you are sexually, and in all ways. It is your birthright!

We are going to generally focus this webinar on the least discussed topic – men’s authentic sexuality, and how men can express their innate sexuality in an honest, consensual negotiated manner.

But whatever we discuss about men is unavoidably true for women’s sexual honesty and empowerment as well as individuals and as partners of men who have struggled with sexual compulsivity.

Your sexual expression is a vital part of who you are. It is not meant to shamed, vilified or repressed.

There are many ways your sexual desires, from mild to wild, can be honestly, joyously and primally explored and experienced with a consenting partner.

The key is to get in deeper touch with your authentic sexual being. Some psychologists have referred to this as a Core Erotic Theme, one’s Sexual Personae, or as I call it your Personal Erotic Myth.

Sexual authenticity, in simplest terms, is just being honest about whatever your sexual desire really is, and has always been.

In the often sex-negative, shaming culture we are immersed in, many struggle with being fully honest about what they desire sexually and keep it hidden, often for decades.

I coined the term Sexual Authenticity Disorder – SAD, to define the shame-based, often traumatic fear my clients repeatedly expressed of revealing, or of others discovering, their deepest sexual desires.

Threatened by this shaming fear, embedded since childhood, their authentic erotic desires became a hidden, and often compulsive aspect of their sexuality.

What are the symptoms of SAD?

-Secretive often risky expressions of your true desires – compulsive masturbation, porn use, strip clubs, prostitutes, affairs. Traumatizing fear of getting caught. Elaborate lying, hiding, or scheming to avoid discovery.

-Often accompanied by physical restrictions in throat area when trying to speak about your sexuality, avoidance of eye-contact and other body centered analogs of the emotionally charged, often fight-or-flight level of fear.

-Dropping into a deep level of shame, fear and guilt almost immediately after the secretive sexual expression is compete.

What’s the Solution to SAD?

Mindfulness, Sexual-Authenticity, Honesty.

In this webinar you will learn about practices such as Craig’s powerful Mindful Habit System to begin to move past compulsive sexual behaviors.

Included also will be discussion about what embodiment means, presence, deep listening, breathing, yoga and many techniques that will help you take in more of your life in every moment.

These mindfulness techniques also power-up your intention to resist your compulsive urges when they arise.

Craig and I will consider how some people may find it helpful to work through the early or more recent experiences that embedded shame, fear or harsh internal judgments about their sexual desires and expression

We will talk about confidently negotiating for what you want with current or new partners. You will learn straight forward techniques to be in integrity with the agreements you make with your partners and get more of what you want sexually..

There are no easy solutions to the many complex, often life-long issues we may have about our personal sexuality.

But we can develop potent intentions and use easy to follow practices that can continually move us towards what we want more of, and away from what we have consciously decided we do not want, sexually and otherwise.

There is no perfection in this only a continual dedication to our healthy sexual practices and intentions.

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About Craig Perra: Former executive, attorney and addict, Coach Craig has transformed thousands of lives. Using the science of habits, mindfulness, and action, his Mindful Habit System evolves the disease based model of addiction to empower clients to find healthy sexuality and create great lives.

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About Galen Fous MTP: Author of Decoding Your Kink, Sex Researcher and Kink Positive Therapist: “I support clients to feel encouraged to honestly claim and explore their authentic sexuality and share and enjoy their wildest sexual desires in a confident, shame-free, consensual way.





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