Your Only Chance

your only chance

All I can do and give is my best effort to my life and mission…the rest is up to the mystery, often called Spirit. I try to revisit this awareness when I am feeling some loathsome, fearful, shaming self-judgment that I am going to fail or fall embarrassingly short. I wasn’t perfect! I won’t ever be lovable! My experience with the mystery reminds me to forgive and love myself anew. Always give your best. Be passionate about your life and mission. Be smart. Work hard. But understand there can be times where nothing is working. When every resource feels depleted. In these moments, the only chance you may have to stay on mission and survive, is a small to very large miracle. If you can risk leaning on blind faith, to surrender to something beyond your own will, the mystery may miraculously carry you out of harms way and nudge you along … or drop-kick you to the next leg of your magical journey.  

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