Sex and Violence

Liberated ecstacy



What separates sex from violence is Eros.  Without the intention of mutual Eros, sex is an attack, a take down, a mounting of one over another, a hunger sated, a biological imperative fulfilled.  It is predator and prey at its most primal, cold-blooded expression.  It is the re-enactment of the hunter and the hunted,  hot-blooded and ravenous, if still inhumane.  What unites sex with our humanity is Eros. Eros is the mysterious, creative, sexual dimension of love. Within that love, our Eros may flourish. We may express it in the most tender, sensuous ways imaginable. With a consenting partner, we may explore every taboo, primitive, wild lust ever conceived. Within Eros both are gateways to profound intimacy and liberated ecstasy.

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