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sexual poisin


Sexual shame poisons our authentic sexuality. The poison infects, distorts and inhibits our natural sexual expression. Our immersion in shame-driven environments and cultures has bred sex-negative emotional messages within our psyches that can relentlessly inject fear or disgust into the same moment we are getting turned on. Our vulnerable sexual psyche can be flooded with all manner of harsh moral judgments, embarrassment, unworthiness, or inhibitions. In subtle to overt ways our sexual joy and ecstasy can be diminished if not lost altogether. This poisonous effect can be particularly potent, if we feel very shy or inhibited to begin with. To overcome deep shame, we must develop practices to mindfully encourage, love and consciously express our authentic sexuality. We will need to come face to face with all that resists or diminishes our fullest expression emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. There is no other antidote I know to exuberantly reclaim your sexual birthright.

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