Kink-Positive Therapists Monthly Webinar – 8/26, 11AM PT

Are you a therapist, counselor or coach interested in learning Shame-Free Kink-Positive insights and tools to support your clients?

There has been an explosion of Kink sexuality across all levels of society in the last decade. But Kink is a very complex sexuality that requires coming to terms with the sex-negative fear, shaming, trauma, confusion and sexual dishonesty prevalent in our culture. This complexity has left many of the current academic and clinical models of sex therapy and psychology inadequate if not obsolete.
The initial webinar covered the principal concepts of Kink Psychology, Archetypes, Personal Erotic Myths and the 5 Keys to conscious integration of one’s Kink sexuality into their everyday lives. If you are new to Kink and Kink psychology I recommend reviewing this video before attending future webinars. It can be viewed on my youtube channel at .
In this month’s webinar I will review issues I have addressed with singles and couples related to consensual Kink. This would include dealing with a client’s embedded shame, fear and trauma that may resist honest authentic expression of one’s Kink desires. As well as how to fully embody and be present in one’s desire .
This webinar is an opportunity to bring up real world questions and issues you have generally about Kink or in specific contexts you have experienced with your clients. You may also share with the group your own insights and learning about best practices to pass along to the group.
The intention is to build a platform to expand our knowledge of issues our clients have around Kink and learn effective strategies to support our clients and each other in this expanding field of Kink-positive therapy.
If you have specific questions you would like to see addressed in the webinar, please send them in advance to me in a DM.
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