Erotic Archetypes, Symbols & Mythic Stories – The Psychological Dynamics of Kink Sexuality Lecture

“Galen Fous is a visionary looking to undo the shackles of societally induced sexual shame!” Dr. Michael Aaron, Sex Therapist, Author – Modern Sexuality London: 10/8: Open at 6, starts 7pm - 9pm; Price: 15 GBP to 25 GBP. Registration Details Price includes admission at 6pm to tour the Freud Museum and a digital copy of Galen's highly acclaimed book  Decoding Your Kink - Guide to Share, Enjoy and Express your Wildest Sexual Desires. Kink Sex-Researcher, Author and Therapist Galen Fous MTP will discuss his ground-breaking research on Kink Sexuality and offer insights into the psychological complexity and roots of Kink Desires and Power-exchange. Based on the results from over 4000 participants from his acclaimed Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth Survey and case studies from his clients over the last 2 decades, Galen has developed an array of Kink-positive therapeutic tools and insights that support clients in embracing their authentic sexual desires in a conscious, responsible shame-free manner. If you are a sex therapist, psychologist, sex-educator, student or coach helping clients embrace their desires in a healthy way, or an individual curious about Kink, this talk will [...]

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