Being A Sexually Authentic Conscious Empowered Man – Feb-23 & 24, Seattle, WA

Tools to embrace what’s true for you sexually, and untangle all that resists, fears, hides or judges its honest, consensual expression.   Are you a man whose ready to get real about your sexuality...ready to get honest...confident...ready for ecstatic primal pleasures...deep intimacy with your be present mindful and embodied...ready to get in integrity...ready to resolve past trauma or shame?   Wouldn't it be great to just be who you are sexually without fear of others judgments...or your own internal judgments?   Join this workshop and connect with other men with the same intent as you. We will work together to build trust, connection and support for each man to go as deep as he is ready to in embracing his sexuality fully.   Here is one young man' experience of the workshop held in Berlin last September..."I've experienced an absolutely amazing, breathtaking, transformational, life changing weekend. The experiences I've had, the things that I've learned, and the beautiful humans I've connected with brought me a huge step closer towards becoming the man I am supposed to be sexually and otherwise, yet who I denied [...]

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