Is the Problem Sex/Porn Addiction or Fear of Sexual Honesty – Sexual Integration Theory and Practice – A Sex-Positive Alternative to Sex/Porn Addiction Therapy – London 9/19

Sexual Integration Theory and Practice – A Sex-Positive Alternative to the Sex/Porn Addiction Therapeutic Model

“Galen Fous is a visionary looking to undo the shackles of societally induced sexual shame!” Dr. Michael Aaron, Sex Therapist, Author – Modern Sexuality
People leading secret sex lives is an unacknowledged epidemic across the world. The burden and risk of this secrecy, and the subsequent fear of discovery is a horrific psychological torment to each individual who is hiding their authentic sexuality. I call this fear of revealing or others discovering the full range of one’s sexuality, Sexual Authenticity Disorder (SAD). I believe Sexual Integration Theory and Practice, as a treatment model for SAD, offers an empowering alternative for many misdiagnosed as sex or porn addicts.
Date: Thursday September 19, 2019
Time: Friday Opens – 6:45pm
Starts 7 – 9:00pm
Cost: 30 Pounds ($36 USD or 50 Pounds ($60 USD) for 2
Location – The Jesus Centre – 83 Margaret Street, W1W 8TB London, United Kingdom
Registration includes a FREE digital copy of Galen’s well-praised book – Decoding Your Kink – Guide to Explore, Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires.
You can also show up and pay at the door on the day of the event
Learn about
• Sexuality as Birth-Right and Integral to Your Wholeness
• Is it Sex/Porn Addiction or Sexual Authenticity Disorder
• Shifting Sexual Compulsivity aka Sex/Porn Addiction to Sexual Authenticity
• Secret Sex Lives –The Crisis of Our Sexual Dishonesty
• The Psychological Dynamics of Sexual Fantasy
• The 5 Keys to Integrating Your Sexuality into Everyday Life
• Untangling Fear, Shame & Trauma from Sexual Desire
• Erotic Mismatches – How to Claim Your Sexual Autonomy and Negotiate Differences with Your Partner’s Sexuality
• Exploring what “Normal” means…to you
• Sex is Friction-Eros is Myth…The Archetypal, Symbolic and Primal Narratives of Kink Sexuality
• The Importance of Being Mindful, Present and Embodied
• Learning Impeccable Respect for Boundaries and Consent
• Personal Erotic Myth Research Survey –Intriguing results from over 5000 respondents mapping the collision of fear, shame, or trauma with sexual development and desire
The Sexual Integration approach supports someone to explore and embrace their authentic sexuality in form and frequency in a way that is in integrity with their values, responsibilities and relationships.
This most often will include processes to support resolving embedded shame, fear, internalized moral judgments or past trauma that may make sexual pleasure and intimacy with partners difficult if not impossible to achieve.
If someone is experiencing compulsive use of porn or sex, often called porn/sex-addiction, SITP considers that this behavior may be an indication of something in conflict or out of balance in the person’s life, not a psychological nor physical addiction.
Their relationship may be unfulfilling or contentious. There can be financial or career stress they are trying to soothe. Past trauma or shaming may have disempowered them in some way from having sexual agency or trusting others sexually. Their partners may not condone nor encourage their sexual style nor frequency.
In these cases the client’s particular sexual interests from mild to wild may not the problem. The porn they view may not the problem. Wanting sex every day may not the problem. Wanting more or different sex than their partner may not the problem.
The problem can be their fear of revealing the true nature and depths of their sexual desire and the harm caused by the cover-up as they pursue it in secrecy. All the lying, hiding, betrayal, guilt, irresponsibility, transgressions, fear of discovery and most damaging of all – loss of integrity and trust that the cover-up demands.
The core issues may be the internal psychic struggle the client has between their sexual desires and the embedded shame, fear, internalized moral judgments or past traumas that can be triggered when they become aroused. The issues may also center around relationship differences with their partner.
SITP considers that when a client learns to claim their birthright as a sexual being they will realize there is nothing about their authentic sexual nature that deserves to be covered-up.
SITP helps clients begin to own their sexual truth in an empowered, confident and shame-free way, and learn to integrate their authentic sexuality into their everyday life in a way that is in integrity with their responsibilities, values, agreements and relationships.
The cover-up, when it is within a relationship is not just about the use of sex or porn behind a partners back. It is often a cover-up of a deep truth within the person who can not bring themselves to speak of it directly to their partner.
If a therapist or client finds the sex/porn addiction diagnosis and treatment model effective, then we encourage then to pursue that course.
Sexual Integration Theory and Practice takes an alternative approach that starts with allowing the client to define what their sexuality should look like, understand what interferes with or resists it honest expression, and then develop a personal methodology to integrate their sexuality into their everyday life in a way that is in integrity with their values, agreements, responsibilities and relationships.
Whether you are a sex therapist, psychologist, sex-educator, coach or student wanting to help clients embrace their sexuality in a healthy way, or an individual seeking to understand and get in integrity around your sexuality, this talk will offer a strong foundation to move towards what you want.
An important issue, specific to couples, that SITP might approach differently, than the sex/porn addiction model are perceived or actual Erotic Mismatches.
SITP promotes the value and importance of client’s learning to be honest and transparent in explaining their desires. SITP helps clients understand they have every right to negotiate for what they desire in their sexual connection with their partners.
The client learns how negotiate with their partners in a direct way to give this important aspect of themselves the respect it deserves, if not in fact adding greater pleasure intimacy and trust into their mutual sexual engagements.
This is of course means they may discover they are not matched sexually, or they could find new vistas of pleasure opening up they never felt possible previously.
It is complex relational and personal work for both the client and their partner to undertake. SITP supports the client and their partner to do the their personal work to get in integrity with themselves and then each other in how they operate their sexuality and their relationship.
About Galen Fous MTP
Sex-Positive Therapist, Researcher and Author Galen Fous MTP will introduce the principles of Sexual Integration Theory, discuss his ground-breaking research on the psychological dynamics of sexual fantasy from mild to Kink, and review the impacts of sexual shame, fear and trauma on sexual development.
His research work is based on the analysis of over 5000 participants from his Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth survey.
Galen will discuss practices and insights from his client and personal work over 2 decades, that support people to shift from compulsive sexual behaviors aka sex/porn addiction, to authentic sexual engagement, in a conscious, responsible shame-free manner.
This will often include helping the client begin to untangle various layers of shame, fear and trauma that interfere or prohibit fully present, honest, embodied sexual expression.
Galen presents a psychological model of authentic sexuality that supports exploring the depths of sexual ecstasy and intimacy your sexuality offers, as well as the resolution of the shames, fears and traumas that may resist it fullest expression. It is your birthright to be who you are sexually.
This presentation will introduce a psychological model of the sexual psyche and therapeutic techniques drawn from CBT, depth, analytical, positive and transpersonal theories of psychology.


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