Heart and Edge: The Dance of Passion and Erotic Power Play

The Conscious Engagement of Dominance and Submission A one-day workshop for inquisitive couples to explore dominance and submission and awaken the delicious tension of sexual polarity. With Sex Educators, Galen Fous MTP and Corinne Farago March 29th, 2020 10am – 5pm San Francisco Bay area (Marin) address provided on registration Cost: $200 per couple. (we’re keeping the cost extremely low for this first Bay Area workshop) REGISTER HERE In this one-day workshop you, and a small group of couples will learn about dominance and submission and how to play with these polar energies to heighten your erotic experience, find your authentic sexual expression, and bring novelty and passion into your sexual connection. You’ll learn new ways to embrace the heart, expand your intimacy, and ride the ecstatic energy of sexual polarity. When a couple explores conscious dominance and submission they can learn to: exchange erotic power within a safe and consensual container of intention and ritual. create a sexual polarity that fuels their passion and deepens their connection explore their core erotic minds, embody the archetypal erotic figures true for them, and share what turns [...]

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