Heart and Edge: The Dance of Passion and Erotic Power Play

The Conscious Engagement of Dominance and Submission

A one-day workshop for inquisitive couples to explore dominance and submission and awaken the delicious tension of sexual polarity.

With Sex Educators, Galen Fous MTP and Corinne Farago

March 29th, 2020

10am – 5pm

San Francisco Bay area (Marin) address provided on registration

Cost: $200 per couple. (we’re keeping the cost extremely low for this first Bay Area workshop)


In this one-day workshop you, and a small group of couples will learn about dominance and submission and how to play with these polar energies to heighten your erotic experience, find your authentic sexual expression, and bring novelty and passion into your sexual connection.

You’ll learn new ways to embrace the heart, expand your intimacy, and ride the ecstatic energy of sexual polarity.

When a couple explores conscious dominance and submission they can learn to:

  • exchange erotic power within a safe and consensual container of intention and ritual.
  • create a sexual polarity that fuels their passion and deepens their connection
  • explore their core erotic minds, embody the archetypal erotic figures true for them, and share what turns them on with their partner.
  • lead with presence, confidence and care and surrender with freedom and safety.
  • dance with the hot-blooded primal intensities sexual power-exchange often arouses

Every couple already has an inherent dynamic of leader/ follower, masculine/feminine, dominant/submissive.

Some couples flow from one role to the other, while others are more fixed.

These polarities are interdependent and rely on each other to exist. Therefore each role holds its own equal and opposite power through consent and agreement.

When we bring conscious awareness to these polar energies and learn how to bring them into our erotic lives, we tap into the delicious tension that dominance and submission brings to a couple’s sexual dynamic, in and out of the bedroom.

A conscious exploration of dominance and submission that is based on trust and vulnerability offers a structure in which a couple can experience a range of love, passion and intimacy free of conventional norms.

When we embrace our own sexual edges and find acceptance in our full-spectrum eroticism, we discover the depth of intimacy and trust we long for in our sexual encounters.

It also offers the potential for a lifelong journey of learning, deepening, healing and empowering each other and the relationship.

Whether you’re just curious or you’re a seasoned pro, this is the perfect place to explore the heart of Tantra combined with the edge of Kink

Join us on a deep dive into conscious erotic dominance and submission

  • Discover your personal relationship to these universal energies
  • Engage with your partner in playful explorations
  • Learn to negotiate and form boundaries, creating trust in your relationship
  • Learn to use your erotic mind to fuel your turn on
  • Meet the inner archetypes that feed your passion
  • Experience your partner in a new way by bringing them a new you

Our day together will be a mix of lecture, self-exploration, partner exercises and skill building.

Our focus will be exploring our inner erotic landscape (rather than the technical use of toys).

This is a clothes-on workshop with no overt sexual activity.

Please come with a partner (could be a friend or lover) for exercises.

Galen Fous MTP and Corinne Farago are both sex coaches and educators who have worked extensively with couples and individuals in finding the support they need to be honest, shame-free and sexually empowered in their lives and relationships.

Galen is Sex-Positive Therapist, Author, Educator & Sex Researcher. He lectures internationally at universities, grad schools and psychology conferences about sexual authenticity and untangling shame, fear and trauma from sexual desire.

He is on the faculty of the Modern Sex-Therapy Institute where he offers CE approved classes for therapists on Sex-positive psychology. He works with clients at his office in Portland, Oregon or worldwide via video or phone call. He has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Galen is the author of the widely acclaimed, Decoding Your Kink, Guide to Explore Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires. His Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth Research Survey has over 5000 participants so far. https://galenfous.com

“Galen Fous is a visionary looking to undo the shackles of societally induced sexual shame!” Dr. Michael Aaron, Sex Therapist, Author – Modern Sexuality

“Galen leads his workshops with a humble authority that is true to his extensive experience in D/s and BDSM. Eloquent, intuitive and worldly in his perspectives, Galen generates a learning environment that is safe, authentic and open to all.” Ms. Savannah Sly – co founder Kink Academy

“I’ve attended more workshops than I can count, often to be disappointed. I’m really glad that I followed my intuitions and attended Galen’s workshop. He creates a very safe and caring container to explore personal experiences and issues focused on  dominance and submission and erotic BDSM. I had an opportunity to identify and begin to address blocks that have stifled me from allowing my full, erotic self to be seen. I was especially excited to find that I was able to make use of my discoveries immediately. Galen is intuitive and a very skilled facilitator and I plan to work with him one-on-one.” Karen, San Francisco


Corinne is the founder of Love Sex and Desire, her somatic sex and intimacy coaching business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She speaks to groups within the sex and kink community and has worked with countless inquisitive couples over the past 12 years. She serves clients worldwide through her private practice and offers courses and education through her online business.  www.lovesexanddesire.com

“If you are open to exploring and understanding more of your psyche and your partner’s, you will receive so much more than instruction in working with Corinne. She is a guide, a mentor and a wise woman whose purpose is to give permission to open up and explore sex and intimacy.” K.L., Healdsburg

“Corinne is extremely knowledgeable, deeply approachable, warm and sensitive. She reads body language keenly and intuits exactly what the client needs next. It’s a pleasure to be on the receiving end of her coaching skills. Not only is she all this, but she’s a ton of fun! I left our sessions more empowered, more centered and more rooted in my sexual journey and ready to continue the exploration and connection with my partner, taking our love and relationship to places I’ve only dreamed of .”  V.R., Berkeley






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