FREE Sexual Integration Program

Have you been in sex/porn addiction therapy for a year or more and are still struggling? Do you want to move beyond secrecy and find a way to be honest, confident and shame-free about your sexuality? You might be a candidate for an alternative treatment program called Sexual Integration Theory and Practice. We are inviting 8 participants to this FREE 8 week program. Sessions are 50 minutes scheduled once per week. This program has a value of $800 plus. If someone is experiencing compulsive use of porn or sex, often called porn/sex-addiction, the Sexual Integration approach considers that the behavior may be a symptom of an underlying psychological conflict, not a psychological nor physical addiction. Here are some other possibilities that SITP considers in assessing the client: The core conflict may be the internal psychological struggle the client has about their own sexual desires not matching the moral or religious expectations of partners, family, religion or society. This inner conflict can include feelings of deep shame, confusion, fear of being discovered, or harsh internalized self-judgments condemning their sexual desires.  These sex-negative judgments opposing their authentic [...]

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