FREE Sexual Integration Program

Have you been in sex/porn addiction therapy for a year or more and are still struggling?

Do you want to move beyond secrecy and find a way to be honest, confident and shame-free about your sexuality?

You might be a candidate for an alternative treatment program called Sexual Integration Theory and Practice.

We are inviting 8 participants to this FREE 8 week program. Sessions are 50 minutes scheduled once per week. This program has a value of $800 plus.

If someone is experiencing compulsive use of porn or sex, often called porn/sex-addiction, the Sexual Integration approach considers that the behavior may be a symptom of an underlying psychological conflict, not a psychological nor physical addiction.

Here are some other possibilities that SITP considers in assessing the client:

The core conflict may be the internal psychological struggle the client has about their own sexual desires not matching the moral or religious expectations of partners, family, religion or society. This inner conflict can include feelings of deep shame, confusion, fear of being discovered, or harsh internalized self-judgments condemning their sexual desires. 

These sex-negative judgments opposing their authentic sexuality were often embedded in childhood by experiences with family, religion or community. Consequently many people have become secretive about their true sexual nature. Being honest to partners, family, friends and community may seem next to impossible or even dangerous to many people.

Past sexual abuse, trauma or severe sexual shaming may have left a client disempowered in some way from having the sexual agency to speak honestly about their desires or trusting others with the vulnerable truth of their sexuality. 

The core conflict may center around fundamental sexual differences between their partner’s sexual desires or interests and their own.

In any of these cases where one’s sexual behavior becomes compulsive, the client’s particular sexual interests from mild to wild may not be the concern. The porn they view and the frequency may not the concern. Wanting sex every day may not the concern. Wanting more or different sex than their partner may not the concern.

The greater concern may be the paralyzing shame or fear the client may feel of ever revealing the true nature and depths of their sexual desire to those close to them. The greater concern may be the harm caused in their relationships by the relentless cover-up they must maintain as they pursue their desires in secrecy. They may be in deep psychological distress from the sneaking, lying, betrayal, guilt, irresponsibility, fear of discovery and most damaging of all – the loss of personal integrity and trust with those closest to them that the cover-up demands. 

Often, the consequences of getting discovered or busted in their secret sex-life leads to an epic fall from grace for most. For some this can be totally ruinous and for others it can lead to a turning point in coming to terms with their sexuality.  

Sexual Integration Theory and Practice starts with helping a client form a clear intention. “My intention is to express my sexuality in ways that are honest, fulfilling and in integrity,” for example. But it is personal for each client.

The next step is to define or begin to discover what their innate sexuality looks like, and how to express it in a confident, negotiated, consensual way. 

SITP supports the client to understand what interferes with or resists the transparent,  honest expression of their sexuality. It helps the client face and address the secretive, unhealthy behaviors they may have developed and shift sexual compulsivity into sexual authenticity. It offers techniques to resolve and understand these internalized beliefs embedded in the client, that conflicts with their natural desires. 

On a deeper level, for clients who have been disempowered sexually through sexual abuse, trauma or shaming, learning to heal, resolve and reclaim their personal agency are an important part of the program.

The client will learn to develop personal practices meaningful to them that support integrating their personal sexual birthright into their everyday life in a way that is in integrity with their values, agreements, responsibilities and relationships. This includes learning to negotiate with their partners for the type of consensual sex they desire.

SITP considers that when a client learns to claim their birthright as a sexual being they will realize there is nothing about their authentic sexual nature that deserves to be covered-up. It can be a great gift of intimacy, trust and ecstatic passion to their partners.

Some of the SITP concepts you will learn over these 8 weeks

Is Sex/Porn Addiction the Problem or the Symptom

Shifting Sexual Compulsivity aka Sex/Porn Addiction to Sexual Authenticity

How to Negotiate for the Sex you Want in your Relationships

Secret Sex Lives – The Crisis of Our Sexual Dishonesty

Sexuality as Birth-Right and Integral to Your Wholeness

Understanding Sexual Authenticity Disorder

The 5 Keys to Integrating Your Sexuality into Everyday Life

Untangling Fear, Shame & Trauma from Sexual Desire

The 6 Stages of Reclaiming Sexual Agency from Shame, Fear or Trauma

Erotic Mismatches – How to Claim Your Authentic Sexuality and Negotiate Differences with Your Partner’s Sexuality

Exploring what “Normal” means…to you

The Importance of Being Mindful, Present and Embodied

Learning Impeccable Respect for Boundaries and Consent

We are looking for participants who most closely fit the following history:

1 Year or more of Sex/Porn Addiction Therapy

The treatment was not as helpful as you wished it to be

You lost or are in danger of losing a career, marriage or long-term relationship

You have an intention to be in integrity in how you operate your sexuality going forward

Be available on a weekly basis for 8 sessions

Participate in filling out a survey questionnaire, as well as an evaluation at the end of the 8 sessions.

To be considered write a short outline of your history using porn or sex workers, previous treatment efforts, what you hope to gain from the program and other pertinent info. Send to

We will be excited to hear from you.

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