Sexual Integration Theory and Therapy Webinar on 5/23 – 3 CE’s available

The Advanced Mental Health Training Institute is proud to present a 3 CE training opportunity on Sexual Integration by Galen Fous MTP. A Sex-Positive Alternative to the Sex/Porn Addiction Therapy Model “Galen Fous is a visionary looking to undo the shackles of societally induced sexual shame!”  Dr. Michael Aaron, Modern Sex Therapy Institute For Therapy Professionals and Individuals Seeking Support Whether you are a sex therapist, psychologist, sex-educator, coach or student wanting to help clients embrace their sexuality in a healthy way, an individual seeking help in dealing with compulsive sexuality – aka sex/porn addiction, or someone wanting to explore and embrace your authentic sexuality while resolving shame, fear or past trauma, this webinar will offer a strong foundation of techniques and practices to support you. Learn about The 6 Stages of Reclaiming Sexual Agency from Shame, Fear or Trauma  Is Sex/Porn Addiction the Problem or the Symptom  Shifting Sexual Compulsivity aka Sex/Porn Addiction to Sexual Authenticity  Secret Sex Lives –The Epidemic of Sexual Secrecy  Sexuality as Birth-Right and Integral to Your Wholeness  Understanding Sexual Authenticity Disorder  The Psychological Dynamics of Sexual Fantasy  The 5 [...]

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Shadow Archetypes of D/s and BDSM

One can destroy trust and connection – another offers transcendent dark-edged sexual ecstasy Our unresolved shadow personas can wreak havoc on our D/s relationships.  They can also add potent psychological depths to our erotic excursions into the taboo edges of BDSM sex. For example, a raging tyrant or an incessant victim aspect of a person may be triggered to life in a moment, that acts nothing like the noble Dom or sub one aspires to be.   But in a consensual, negotiated scene, bringing out the tyrant aspect has the potential to drive the sexual intensity off the charts for both Dom and sub. There can also be a shadow behind one’s hesitancy to fully embody the tyrant in a scene, even when a partner desires that intensity. Learning about and beginning to resolve our shadows can build profound trust, enhance the depth and intimacy of our D/s relationships, and allow the deepest expression and ecstatic experience of our personal BDSM sexual personas.  Concepts Considered Shadows of Dominant - abdicates the lead, does not set/hold boundaries, belittles rather than blesses, dictates rather than inspires, rages instead of [...]

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Being A Sexually Authentic Conscious Empowered Man Online Workshop – May 22-23

Tools to fully embrace your unique sexuality, and untangle all that resists, fears, hides or judges its honest, consensual expression. “Galen Fous is a visionary looking to undo the shackles of societally induced sexual shame!” Dr. Michael Aaron, Sex Therapist, Founder, Modern Sex Therapy Institute Being sexually authentic is your birthright. Learning to share your deepest sexual truths with a trusted partner is one of the most loving, liberating, intimate and ecstatic of human experiences. Registration Link: What we will explore in this workshop? *Defining what “Normal” means… to you!  *Is the Problem Sex/Porn Addiction or Sexual Dishonesty *Being a Sexually Empowered, Embodied Man - Owning Your True Desires *Impeccable Integrity – Walking Your Talk  *Shifting Sexual Compulsivity to Sexual Authenticity  *Untangling Fear, Shame, Trauma and Harsh Judgments from our Authentic Sexual Expression *Understanding, Owning and Resolving the Shadows of our Secretive Sexual Expressions. *What to do with Your Nice Guy When your partner begs for Your Bad Boy…or vice versa! *Sex is Friction…Eros is Myth - Ritual, Archetypes, Symbols, Metaphor – tools to understand and express what turns you on sexually. *Key Consent Points [...]

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