Shadow Archetypes of D/s and BDSM – October 14th 7-9pm Berlin time – online webinar

One can destroy trust and connection – another offers transcendent dark-edged sexual ecstasy "Galen is one of our favorite presenters...always fascinating, insightful and compelling insights into the Psychology of Kink." Dusty - events Our unresolved shadow personas can wreak havoc on our D/s relationships.  They can also add potent psychological depths to our erotic excursions into the taboo edges of BDSM sex. For example, a raging tyrant or an incessant victim aspect of a person may be triggered to life in a moment, that acts nothing like the noble Dom or sub one aspires to be.   But in a consensual, negotiated scene, bringing out the tyrant aspect has the potential to drive the sexual intensity off the charts for both Dom and sub. There can also be a shadow behind one’s hesitancy to fully embody the tyrant in a scene, even when a partner desires that intensity. Learning about and beginning to resolve our shadows can build profound trust, enhance the depth and intimacy of our D/s relationships, and allow the deepest expression and ecstatic experience of our personal BDSM sexual personas.  Concepts Considered Shadows [...]

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