Innovative Sex Research Explores the Psychological Dynamics of Sexual Fantasy

Researchers hope to learn more about the nature of sexual fantasy and how shame, fear, internalized moral judgements and past trauma interfere with sexual pleasure  Galen Fous MTP, in association with Dr. Rachel Needle of the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes, believes his sexual fantasy research study – the Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth (PEM) Survey 2.0, can help psychology professionals, as well as curious individuals, better understand the range and depths of their sexual fantasies and how to express them in healthy, consensual ways. According to Fous, a sex-positive therapist, author, and sex-educator, “Understanding your PEM and learning how to communicate honestly about your fantasies , can open you to profound sexual ecstasies, deepen Intimacy in your relationships, and help you avoid disastrous erotic mismatches in long-term relationships.” Dr. Rachel Needle, Co-Director of the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes is joining Fous to do a scientific analysis of the data and publish research findings that will be gathered from the survey.  “We still have so much to learn about the nature of sexuality, sexual fantasies and how our sexuality is shaped” Needle noted. “We hope this [...]

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