Sexual Integration Therapy Webinar on 1. 28.23 – A Modern Sex Therapy Institute event – 3 CE’s available

Sexual Integration Therapy A Client-Centered Approach to Enhance Sexual Confidence and Pleasure While Resolving Sexual Trauma, Compulsive Sexual Behaviors and Shame Webinar Leader: Galen Fous MTP “Galen Fous is a visionary looking to undo the shackles of societally induced sexual shame!” Dr. Michael Aaron, Sex Therapist, Author – Modern Sexuality For therapy professionals and individuals seeking support for sexual conflicts Whether you are a sex therapist, psychologist, sex-educator, sex coach or student wanting to help clients embrace their sexuality in a healthy way, or an individual seeking to understand and get in integrity around your sexuality, this webinar will offer a strong foundation to move towards what you want. SIT is an emerging sex therapy model, developed over 20 years, that supports clients to explore the depths of sexual ecstasy and intimacy their sexuality offers, while resolving the internalized shames, fears, compulsions, and traumas that may resist its fullest expression. Date: Jan 28, 2023 Time: 11am – 2pm PT Location: Online via Zoom SAVE 25%  Early Registration Discount thru January 8th Price: $39 for General Admission with no CE’s Price: $139 with 3 CEs from the [...]

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