Sexual Integration Therapy Webinar on 1. 28.23 – A Modern Sex Therapy Institute event – 3 CE’s available

Sexual Integration Therapy

A Client-Centered Approach to Enhance Sexual Confidence and Pleasure While Resolving Sexual Trauma, Compulsive Sexual Behaviors and Shame

Webinar Leader: Galen Fous MTP

“Galen Fous is a visionary looking to undo the shackles of societally induced sexual shame!” Dr. Michael Aaron, Sex Therapist, Author – Modern Sexuality

For therapy professionals and individuals seeking support for sexual conflicts

Whether you are a sex therapist, psychologist, sex-educator, sex coach or student wanting to help clients embrace their sexuality in a healthy way, or an individual seeking to understand and get in integrity around your sexuality, this webinar will offer a strong foundation to move towards what you want.

SIT is an emerging sex therapy model, developed over 20 years, that supports clients to explore the depths of sexual ecstasy and intimacy their sexuality offers, while resolving the internalized shames, fears, compulsions, and traumas that may resist its fullest expression.

Date: Jan 28, 2023

Time: 11am – 2pm PT

Location: Online via Zoom

SAVE 25%  Early Registration Discount thru January 8th

Price: $39 for General Admission with no CE’s

Price: $139 with 3 CEs from the Modern Sex Therapy Institute (AASECT, APA, NBCC)

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In this webinar Sex-Positive Therapist, Sex-Researcher and Author Galen Fous MTP, will introduce the principles of Sexual Integration Therapy (SIT).

SIT is an emerging sex therapy model, developed over 20 years, that supports clients to explore the depths of sexual ecstasy and intimacy their sexuality offers, while resolving the internalized shames, fears, compulsions, and traumas that may resist its fullest expression.

The webinar will include quantitative and qualitative data sets from Galen’s ground-breaking research on the psychological dynamics of sexual fantasy. With over 8000 participants, the research reveals the depths and range of human sexual desire, as well as what inhibits its honest, shame-free expression. There will also be 30 minutes of real-time case-study material from client SIT sessions.

SIT supports clients to:

Claim their birthright to be fully expressed sexual beings in their life and relationships, in ways that are informed, consensual and negotiated.

Address internalized shames, fears, harsh sex-negative judgments, or past traumas that interfere with or inhibit the honest, embodied, confident expression of their sexual desires.

Shift compulsive, secretive, unhealthy sexual behaviors, often labeled sex/porn addiction, into honest, confident, authentic sexual expression.

Integrate their authentic sexuality into their everyday life in a way that is in integrity with their values, responsibilities, agreements, and relationships.

Embrace and explore the ecstatic depths of pleasure their authentic sexuality offers in a mature, responsible fashion.

SIT considers that when a client learns to claim their innate sexual birthright as a human being, they will realize there is nothing about their authentic sexual nature that deserves to be shamed, feared, nor hidden. In fact, their sexuality can and should be held up and celebrated as the gift it is, for themselves…and their partners.

SIT grew out of recognizing there was a need for alternative therapeutic support models for clients with sexual concerns who did not respond successfully to a solely cognitive/behavioral diagnostic model, nor a pathologizing addiction treatment model.

Sexual Integration Therapy takes a comprehensive approach that draws from clinical, depth, analytical, positive, somatic and transpersonal theories of psychology. SIT also utilizes imaginal right-brain symbolic practices (versus cognitive left-brain) to access meaningful unconscious content that may be important to understanding real world behaviors that impact the client’s healthy sexual expression.

SIT also introduces new theoretical concepts such as Sexual Authenticity Disorder, the Personal Erotic Myth, the Psychological Structures of the Sexual Unconscious, Sexual Embodiment, Sex is Friction – Eros is Myth, Sexual Integration, the Body as Analog of the Unconscious, and much more.

We will also review quantitative and qualitative data sets and correlations from the Personal Erotic Myth Research Surveys, highlighting the range and depths of people’s sexual fantasies, the effects of porn viewing on relationship satisfaction, impacts of early age sexual shaming or trauma, age of sexual awakening and much more from the 8000 survey participants.


Learning Objectives 

At the conclusion of this workshop you will be able to:


Explain the Six Keys for Integrating Your Sexuality into Your Everyday Life

Sexual Authenticity – your sexuality is your birthright

Sexual Honesty – the gateway to the depths of intimacy

Sexual Empowerment – being authentically present and embodied sexually

Sexual Shadow – Bringing secretive compulsive sexual behaviors to light

Paradox – your mild to wild sexuality and your noble humanity are one

Sexual Healing – Untangling unconscious shame, fear and trauma from sexual desire


Describe the 6 Empowerment Activation Techniques to Reclaim Agency for Disempowered Aspects of the Self.

Empowered Intention

Acknowledging Your Personal Power

Embodying Your Power

Finding Your Inner Champion

Taking Your Power Back

Putting Intention into Action in the World

Develop Meaningful Empowering/Healing Practices (aka rituals)


Discuss the Qualitative/Quantitative Data from the Personal Erotic Myth Survey. 


Learning Concepts Introduced:


  • Sexuality as Birth-Right and Integral to Your Wholeness


  • The Unprecedented Wave of Sexuality Emerging in this Era.


  • People Leading Secret Sex Lives –The Epidemic of Sexual Secrecy


  • Sexual Authenticity Disorder – Extreme Fear of Revealing your Sexual Truth


  • Is Sex/Porn Addiction the Problem or the Symptom


  • Shifting Sexual Compulsivity aka Sex/Porn Addiction to Sexual Authenticity


  • The Psychological Dynamics of Sexual Fantasy


  • Untangling Fear, Shame & Trauma from Sexual Desire


  • Helping Clients become Conscious Honest and Empowered Sexual Beings


  • Understanding the Sexual Shadow’s Agenda


  • Erotic Mismatches – How to Claim Your Sexual Autonomy and Negotiate Differences with Your Partner’s Sexuality


  • Exploring what “Normal” means…to you!


  • Exploring a client’s Personal Erotic Myth (and your own!)


  • Examining, Owning and Taking Back your Own Projections About your Clients Sexuality.


  • Using Imaginal or Ritual Practices to Help Clients Go Deeper into Meaningful Unconscious Content


  • Sex is Friction-Eros is Myth…The Archetypal, Symbolic and Primal Narratives composing the Personal Erotic Myth


  • The Importance of Being Mindful, Present and Embodied


  • Learning Impeccable Respect for Boundaries and Consent


  • Personal Erotic Myth Research Survey –Intriguing results from over 8000 respondents mapping the collision of fear, shame, or trauma with sexual development and desire















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