Sexual Integration Therapy: A Sex-Positive, Non-Pathologizing, Client-Centered Sexual Health Model – peer reviewed article



Our article on my Sexual Integration Therapy model has been accepted and published by the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Here is an excerpt with the link to the full accepted manuscript available at the link below. 


For centuries, in Western culture in particular, people with sexual desires outside the narrowest range of procreative sexuality have been pathologized and treated as abnormal, deviant or perverse by the psychological professions, a criminal according to legal decree, or as a sinner by religious doctrines. The authors believe that many individuals who have been pathologized, condemned or terrorized for sexual desires that fall outside the cultural or religious “norms,” suffer from a deep separation of their sexual psyche from the rest of their psyche. For too many, their sexuality exists and operates in a secretive, hidden part of their being. For these individuals, their sexuality is disconnected and suppressed from their overall public persona. How can their birthright as a sexual being, be welcomed into their everyday life under these conditions? How can people achieve a balanced state of mental health and overall well-being when such an integral aspect to the human experience as sexuality is hidden, feared and repressed?


To date, there have been few good answers. There has been little acknowledgment nor examination by the psychology profession of these complex issues clients experience regarding their intense fear of being honest about their authentic sexuality. Many clients have expressed the need and desire to bring their sexuality back from the secretive, disconnected ways it has been operating. They desire to resolve the intense psychological stress, turmoil and fear this disconnection creates that distances them from experiencing well-being. Many want relief from the fear, shame and past trauma that has further separated them from their authentic sexual pleasure and intimacy. 


The Sexual Integration Therapy model can help to bridge this gap with its sex-positive, client-centered, non-pathologizing approach to sexual health. It encourages clients to embrace their inherent human right, or birthright, to explore, express and negotiate for the fullest expression of their personal, authentic sexual nature, while resolving internalized psychological conflicts that resist its fullest expression. The SIT therapeutic model consists of a broad palette of techniques, practices and guidance from a cross-section of other therapeutic modalities to help clients on their path to integrating their authentic sexuality into their everyday life. The authors believe the SIT model can help people move from states of disempowered sexuality, driven by secretive, compulsive, irresponsible, fearful, exploitive sexual behaviors on the one hand, or a shut-down, disconnected, disinterested libido, stifled by shame, fear or past trauma, on the other. It is the mission of the Sexual Integration Therapy model to create new ways to address these concerns, and support people to reintegrate their sexuality into their whole being in a way that optimizes sexual and mental health.

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