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I am committed to creating a world where you feel safe, normal and encouraged to consciously express your authentic sexuality.

“Galen Fous is a precious resource for faculty and students investigating human sexuality. In recent years, my graduate students and I have benefitted significantly from his scholarly understandings of sexual identity and expression in the contexts of myth, history and the mediating power of social and psychological constructions. His contributions are made more powerful with his compelling sense of the contemporary and rapid shifts in what is and isn’t sexually taboo.

 In the classroom, Mr. Fous maintains authority augmented with the uncommon pedagogical richness that results when an instructor has the confidence to engage fully in the learning process himself. He shares his considerable stores of knowledge while continuing to be surprised by new insights from his students. I have observed his interaction with six of my graduate classes over recent years. Each time all of us have left with greater understandings of sexual health and healing. I offer this based on my professional experience – 27 years on the graduate faculty of Lewis & Clark College (tenured, 1992; full rank, 1997).”  Mary M. Clare, Ph.D. Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Psychology

“I teach Human Sexuality for Portland State University and have invited Galen as a guest lecturer to my classes. His lectures are some of the highest rated lectures I’ve had. He has a vast knowledge of sexuality, and also some cutting edge theory around sexual integrity, authenticity and honesty and the mythic erotic stories that drive one’s sexuality. Galen gives a fascinating presentation, and also fields challenging questions. In the large university settings, there are many different levels of sexual understanding. I’ve seen Galen field the most difficult of questions with grace and wisdom.” Chris Allen PhD, Portland State U.


Through my ongoing independent research into the nature of Fetishsexuality  and more than fourteen years of working hands on with clients, I intend to offer a variety of alternative views, theories and therapies that may contrast sharply with current clinical, social, political, religious and moral views of human sexuality. This would include: updating our outdated cultural dating protocols that inhibit forthright sexual honesty about desires, negotiating consent and boundaries; help reduce disastrous erotic mismatches in long term relationships; establish Fetishsexuality, aka Kink or D/s-BDSM as a valid, definitive sexual identity in both clinical, political and legal settings; development of a supportive treatment model for individuals and couples designed around the premise that humans should be encouraged to express their sexual truth; formalize techniques to untangle fear, shame or harsh self-judgment from people’s natural innate, inherent sexual desire at the physical, emotional and cognitive levels.

This area of research could  also be relevant I believe, in creating a new therapeutic and treatment model for sexual offenders, with the potential to reduce the incidence and recurrence of sexual offenses.

An important component of my research into the nature of fetishsexual desire is the development of the Personal Erotic Myth Survey. This  groundbreaking and ongoing research survey is the first study that begins to document the mythic archetypal aspects of fetishsexuality and the mapping of the sexual unconscious. From working with hundreds of clients I am quite clear that many people have a personal innate erotic story or more accurately, a symbolic sexual  myth that drives them to orgasm or other deep erotic states. These myths are filled with common archetypal personas and counterparts (Dom/sub, Mommy/little boy, Teacher/student, etc), explicit dialogue, body language, setting, attire and more. Many people consider this just fantasy role-play. I believe there is a much deeper embodiment possible and desired that rises from the personal and collective unconscious depths. The results from the over 2000 people who have taken the survey so far offer startling glimpses into the depths and range of human sexuality as it actually exists in the sex lives of Fetishsexuals.

I have been advocating for sex positive approaches to understanding the complex nature of Eros and have been “out” publicly in the Sex-Positive, Fetish and Sacred Sexuality communities since 1998. I have a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis on the study of Fetish, Kink and D/s-BDSM.

I regularly present at a variety of Sexuality related Conferences, grad and undergrad psychology programs at colleges and universities, and have been interviewed and written for numerous media for my innovative views on conscious sexuality and the nature of Fetishsexuality. My popular column, The Sex Positive Male was featured previously on Good Men Project and is now being syndicated to various media as the Fetish Sex Advisor. My work and research have been featured on Playboy Radio SEXPERTS series, Dr. Jane Greer Show, Condom Monologues, Raw Attraction Magazine, Psychology Tomorrow, Dr. Gloria Brame show and many others. My private coaching/counseling practice is located in Portland, OR. 

Besides my private practice working with individuals and couples , and writing on all aspects of Sexuality. I have presented in the past at Portland State University, Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Psychology, Pacific University, AASCECT – Portland chapter; DomConLA,  Living in Leather, Dallas and Seattle; The Eulenspiegel Society, NYC; Rose City Discussion Club, Portland; the CSCP, Seattle; The Daka/Dakini Conference, Sedona, AZ, The Sacred Sexuality Conference, Seattle, WA; and others; I am KinkAcademy.com educator on Conscious Fetish and BDSM topics; featured in interviews on Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald, Ropecast by Graydancer; Venus de Mila show on TSR network; Sex with Jaiya, Shameless Zone with Veronica Monet, Sex and Happiness show with Laurie Handlers and others.

In 2000 I introduced the world renowned Tetruss 3 in 1 Portable Dungeon Suspension Bondage Rig and Sex Swing, the world’s most versatile adult toy. 

My first book, The Sharp Edge of Love was first published in 2000 to rave reviews!


In addition I am an accomplished guitarist and composer developing a sound that I define as Mythic Acoustic Jazz Fusion.


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