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I am committed to creating a world where we feel safe, normal and encouraged to consciously express our authentic sexuality.

I Believe

Your sexuality is your birthright. It is natural to you. You are meant to explore and enjoy your authentic sexual desires from mild to Kink, free of fear, shame or judgment. If you are here because you are  ready to take the next step, I want to help you learn to express your desires in an honest, confident, shame-free and consensual manner.

AboutGalen Fous MTP:  Kink-positive therapist, author, educator & sex researcher

Galen works with clients in Portland, OR or via Skype or phone. His focus is to help individuals to be honest and empowered in their sexual identity and expression, and resolve the decades of fear, shame and judgments that hold their authentic desire back.

Galen lectures at universities, grad schools, and sexuality conferences on the sexual psychology of Kink and D/s-BDSM.  He has been featured in numerous national media such as Playboy radio and Psychology Today for his innovative views on conscious sexuality and the archetypal, mythic nature of Fetishsexuality.  He has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. Galen offers classes for therapists and is on the faculty of Sexology University and Modern Sex-Therapy Institute.

Galen’s latest book, “Decoding Your Kink – Guide to Explore, Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires” has been praised by numerous sexual psychologists, educators and Kink-oriented people  as “Visionary …Masterful …Groundbreaking …Cutting Edge…Worth its Weight in Diamonds … Highly Recommended…A Must Read!”  He is also the author of “The Sharp Edge of Love – Extreme Sex, Mythic Passion, Primal Intensity.  Learn more at http://galenfous.com

An important component of his research into the nature of Fetishsexual and Kink desire is the development of the Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth Survey.   ( http://galenfous.com/pem ) This ground-breaking and ongoing research survey with over 3000 participants so far, will be the first to analyze and begin to document the evidence of mythic archetypal, symbolic themes in the sexual unconscious  common among people who have a Kink-oreinted sexuality.

I have been advocating for sex positive approaches to understanding the complex nature of Human sexuality and have been  publicly active in the various sexual freedom and sexual rights communities since 1998. 


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