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Redefining Sex Therapy for 21st Century Sexuality – Part 4

Learn more about Fetishsexuality, data from the 800 Personal Erotic Myth Survey takers - 33% aware of their sexuality and masturbating by age 10!, and Q & A with students in Part 4 of my talk to the Human Sexuality Psych class at PSU

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Redefining Sex Therapy for 21st Century Sexuality, Part 3

Fetishsexuality as Sexual Identity and 5 Keys to Conscious Sexuality - Sexual Authenticity, Sexual Honesty, Sexual Empowerment, Sexual Shadow, Paradox   from Part 3 of Redefining Sex Therapy for  21st Century Sexuality by Galen Fous MTP  lecture at Portland State University to the Human Sexuality class

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Redefining Sex Therapy for 21st Century Sexuality, Part 1

Guest Lecture By Galen Fous MTP, Portland State University Human Sexuality - Psych 401 Class: Part 1. Unprecedented Explosion of Sexuality Globally, Outdated Clinical Psychological Model of Sex Therapy and Diagnosis

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Redefining Sex Therapy for 21st Century Sexuality, Part 2

Part 2. Lecture at Portland State University -  Galen Fous MTP challenges clinical psychologies outdated DSM V model of sex therapy, and describes Sexual Authenticity disorder.

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Being a Sexually Conscious and Empowered Man – Portland, OR 3/8/14

Being a Sexually Conscious and Empowered Man If you seek encouragement for owning the truth about your sexual desires, and consciously expressing those desires, this workshop may offer you valuable tools to begin to resolve the conflicted, wounded, shadowy, dis-empowered aspects of your sexuality.   Being sexually authentic is your birthright. Sharing your deepest sexual truths with a trusted partner is one of the most loving, liberating, intimate and ecstatic of human experiences. Many men hide authentic aspects of their sexual desire…for good reason! Our sex-negative culture, family, religions and even our relationships seldom offer a safe, welcoming place to honor and discuss the full spectrum of our sexual desires. Nor do they honor, bless and respect any but the narrowest view of acceptable sexual practice or frequency. In fact, the tangible fear of being shamed, ostracized, harshly judged, or of losing partners, family, friends, and even employment can leave many men secretive or shadowy about their true sexual desire. Some men are so deep in shame and guilt they can’t get past the fear of speaking openly about their desires to those closest to [...]

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Sexual Authenticity

Each person has an innate, authentic sexual identity as distinct as a fingerprint and as inherent as your eye color…                      

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The Body Mirrors the Soul

You are either what YOU consciously embody, or what unconsciously embodies you. The body is the analog of the unconscious! Most of us have innocently lost a conscious appreciation of a fundamental part of our human experience….our bodies. In other words, we are barely aware that we live in a body exquisitely sensitive, communicative, mobile, graceful, erotic, emotionally expressive and alive from head to toe. Its language reflects important information about our emotional and spiritual state. The body is often under severe stress and tension, mirroring the inner stresses and tensions we experience consciously and unconsciously. In our rationally based culture, we live to great extent from the neck up. Our heads are often in a whirl of thoughts, fears, judgments, stories, fantasies, shame, anger, sadness. We forget to breathe and be still, to feel, to move…to be present. There are times we may unconsciously disconnect from the body altogether to avoid feeling a painful experience we may be undergoing emotionally. In already stressful times, additional tensions are created in the body and psyche by our cultural imperative to soldier on, in a stoic manner, [...]

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PEM Survey – 60% aware of Erotic Fantasies before age 10!

Intriguing Initial Results of the Personal Erotic Myth Survey are in…see report link below . The PEM Survey has passed 175 participants so far in this soft launch phase! Though the PEM is not holding to the strict standards of a scientifically valid study, the results are still quite intriguing. For instance to the question, “At what age did you become aware of having erotic fantasies? 35% chose between age 4-7 and 25% between 8-10. That is, 60% of respondents were aware of their erotic fantasies or sexual desires, by10 years old. About 40% had begun masturbating to their fantasies by age 10. 50% + stated they view porn and masturbate weekly, or more. When asked how viewing porn and masturbating affected sexual relations with partners 64% said no difference, 23% said watching porn increased desire for their partner. Here is the link to view the initial report that compiles the data from the 40 plus questions on the survey. http://obsurvey.com/r.aspx?id=6D21827B-A66B-457B-89E3-D65E7B98765E There are also, not surprisingly, high percentages of shame and fear associated with one’s sexual desires. A number of participants spoke to this directly, [...]

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Sexual Honesty – Does it Feel Unsafe to Tell the Truth about Your Kink?

Why is it so difficult to express our most taboo sexual desires? I had a new client recently, who confessed how she almost turned around on her way over to our first appointment. We had talked initially by email and then a phone interview. She had asked for help in sorting out her secret sexual desires, from the parts of her that felt fear and shame about them. On the phone, in our first call, she could only hint at what she had held back sexually all her life. In a choked voice, she struggled to say that it had to do with “being taken”. She wanted to be dominated. “This is so embarrassing to talk about.” Some part of her was terrified that she had this desire at all. It totally went against her feminist and religious beliefs. But she was reaching a point, where her erotic desire was overwhelming her fear and shame at revealing it. She knew something had to shift. We scheduled an initial appointment for a talk only session. But on the way, she had pulled over and parked down [...]

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