PEM Survey – 60% aware of Erotic Fantasies before age 10!

Intriguing Initial Results of the Personal Erotic Myth Survey are in…see report link below . The PEM Survey has passed 175 participants so far in this soft launch phase! Though the PEM is not holding to the strict standards of a scientifically valid study, the results are still quite intriguing. For instance to the question, “At what age did you become aware of having erotic fantasies? 35% chose between age 4-7 and 25% between 8-10. That is, 60% of respondents were aware of their erotic fantasies or sexual desires, by10 years old. About 40% had begun masturbating to their fantasies by age 10. 50% + stated they view porn and masturbate weekly, or more. When asked how viewing porn and masturbating affected sexual relations with partners 64% said no difference, 23% said watching porn increased desire for their partner. Here is the link to view the initial report that compiles the data from the 40 plus questions on the survey. There are also, not surprisingly, high percentages of shame and fear associated with one’s sexual desires. A number of participants spoke to this directly, [...]

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