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Are you Ready to Claim Your Sexual Birthright?

         “Galen, our last session had a powerful impact.  I never realized how much fear I have buried under my cool, calm exterior. You have such a powerful, yet gentle presence and wisdom that allowed me to feel safe to open up. It was such a relief” Mike C

For over 15 years, I have offered personalized guidance, discussion and education to help people define, embrace and confidently express their authentic sexual desires. This often includes working together to look closer at and begin to untangle all the fears, shadowy behaviors, sexual traumas, shame or harsh internal self-judgments that may be holding your desires back. We move at your pace and I help you take this journey a step at a time…or a leap, as you are ready!

“I came to Galen a wounded, vulnerable woman who, due to childhood abuse, was uncomfortable being touched.  I was closed off and closed down and not open to receiving pleasure from a man. Today, three years later, I am a strong, healthy woman in love with a wonderful man who loves me back. I know that I wouldn’t have been open to this relationship if Galen hadn’t walked beside me, whle I learned to walk on my own.” Deb

Sessions Overview

Support to express your sexuality honestly, confidently and consensually

Straight-forward, non-judgmental discussion about any aspect of your sexuality

Help with compulsive or dishonest sexual behaviors that are disrupting your life and relationships

Uncover, understand and share your wildest desires 

How to find a compatible partner and negotiate for what you do and do not want

Techniques to become present, embodied and empowered in your sexual engagements

Compassionate support to begin to resolve past traumas and other internal conflicts, shames or fears about your sexuality

I work with women, men or couples of any sexual orientation. I support anyone who desires to ground their Erotic desires in a conscious, personally sacred, and mature foundation.My broadest skills are in the area of het men , women or couples exploring Kink, Fetish or D/s-BDSM. 

Sessions can be arranged via Skype, Phone or in Person in Portland, OR.

My fees are sliding scale from $80 – $120/hour. If you are sincere in asking for my support, I can be negotiable on these stated fees to be considerate of your financial reality. If finances are an issue contact me to discuss what we might work out. 

How to begin:
You can arrange a 1 hour appointment by selecting one of the session options below

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EMAIL me with a few thoughts about what you seek from working with me. Offer a few times during the week you are generally available to meet in person, phone or skype. My hours are between 10-5 pm West Coast time, but will make exceptions if possible. I will reply to confirm a time for your appointment. 

If something is not clear about scheduling an appointment or making the payment please contact me with your questions. 

              “In our very first session, Galen told me that “healing is a choice you make.” He entered every session fully present, with a high level of integrity, basing his actions on whether they served MY greater good. He taught me to recognize and listen to the different parts of myself, and gave me a safe container to open myself up to vulnerability and fear. Now “intentions” and “boundaries,” things that were foreign and awkward to me before our sessions, are an integrated part of my life. I don’t think he always recognizes the impact he has on his clients’ lives but he changed my life for the better.” DLA

           “Galen, a note to reiterate my gratitude for your counseling this past year.  The difficult openings that I experienced under your care and expertise continue to open me further and further to joy, to sharing, to making choices in my relationships with the opposite sex, choices that are much more often those of She who I most want to be.  As a result, I’m better able also to come through adversity in other arenas more authentically.  My life and path are illumined so much more definitively, consciously; my awareness and ability to remain in the Now seems exponentially increased!  My experience within it has broadened into more satisfying depths and heights of feelings. Here’s to your work, and to your joy!S L

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