5 Session Sexual Integration Program




The Sexual Integration Therapy model provides a sex-positive framework and methodologies that support clients on their sexual journey. Using the 5 Keys above we will go deeper into these important elements of sexual integration to:

  • Embrace and explore the ecstatic depths of pleasure your authentic sexuality offers.
  • Address internalized shames, fears, harsh sex-negative judgments, or past traumas that interfere with or inhibit the honest, confident expression of your sexual desires.
  • Claim your birthright to be fully expressed sexual beings in your life and relationships.
  • Operate your sexuality in ways that are healthy, informed, consensual and negotiated.
  • Shift compulsive, secretive, unhealthy sexual behaviors, often labeled CSB, hypersexual disorder or sex/porn addiction, into authentic, honest, confident sexual expression.
  • Integrate your authentic sexuality into your everyday life in a way that is in integrity with your values, responsibilities, agreements, and relationships.

Is NOW a good time to learn more about the ecstatic pleasures your sexuality offers and become honest, confident and shame-free?

Sign up for 5 sessions –  50 minutes each  at only $79/session, $316 total before 6/21/24. You can arrange each session weekly or at whatever pace you feel is best for you. Limited offer based on availability.  Once you sign up contact me with a few times you are generally available and I will confirm our first appointment time.

If you prefer to pay for each session individually of this 5 session program,  for $100 per session instead of the 5 session package use this link – https://galenfous.com/product/session-fee-option-2/


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